Bob Karper is an artist with a diverse portfolio of projects: award-winning solo performances, original song series for choirs, interactive site-specific shows for children, transforming dementia care homes into creative community hubs, documentary films for dancers, participatory art projects in primary schools and more.

American born, Bob is based in London, and balances his own solo projects with work alongside a variety of collaborators and companies including Lone Twin, Frank Wurzinger, Natasha Davis, Ladder to the Moon, etc, and he is Associate Artist with Moving Memory Dance Theatre and People United.

Bob’s solo shows are multi-disciplinary and feature true stories mixed with documentary film, song, elements of live art and a variety of musical instruments. They look at subjects of relationships, memory and family, and illustrate the idea that when examined closely, the everyday ordinary world reveals drama, art, tragedy, farce, magnificence…

He has two gorgeous nieces on Long Lake, Wisconsin that he promised he would mention and he likes having a plan. Unfortunately, Bob is allergic to cats.

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