Bob Karper


Making music and sound design for theatre & live art is a joy: creating soundtracks for action, underscoring stories and films, fitting music together so that it works for individual scenes yet remains coherent as a whole, deciding whether to complement or contrast, producing music to a deadline - it can be stressful, but satisfying.

Aside from my own performances - underscored throughout - I've made music for artists such as Guy Dartnell, Sheila Ghelani, Natasha Davis, Foster & Dechery and Lone Twin. Sounds are usually composed at the piano, but I also use guitar, accordion, ukulele and ambient/found sounds. It’s put together in Logic using a Macbook Pro, with a Behringer desk & audio interface.



I compose music for choirs, bands, schools, performance artists, solo shows and more. My own artistic practice started by soundtracking autobiographical storytelling with original music on piano, and composition has remained a part of what I do…

Sound Design

A big part of my artistic work is sound design for theatre. I’ve made sound for artists such as Guy Dartnell, Foster & Dechery and The Pantry, and most regularly with Natasha Davis and Frank Wurzinger.


I work with two choirs - as a tenor and filmmaker for the wonderful Tubthumpers Chorus led by Gitika Partington, arranger, conductor, composer extraordaire, and as composer and accompanist for Bolder Voices, a choir of elders 70+ years of age. Super inspiring…


I’ve been lucky to play in a few terrific bands through the years: the jazz band Bufo Bufo, led by saxophonists Anita Spence and Marie Coleman, the six-piece kleggae band (klezmer + reggae) Alright Alreadies, and the performance art trio Bia de Janairo and the New Bossanovas…